Sudbury Canoe Club

We are a family friendly club based in Quay Lane, Sudbury. We have a compound near to the Rowing Club and meet up each Saturday for club paddling on the River Stour towards Brundon Mill or Henny Swan. Other, longer paddles are organised on different days and include further runs on the Stour, Sea paddling at Mersea and night paddles following the full moon or on Halloween. We also organise away paddles for those interested in whitewater and during the summer months there are extra sessions midweek for the more intrepid freestyle enthusiasts. We do not have facilities to change or store your boats but do offer a wide ranging flotilla for those who have not yet chosen a craft and wish to hire one during club sessions. Fun and safe paddling are at our core!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the club and we will update new information when available but be aware that the weather is changing and colder days mean more consideration to clothing!